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Welcome to the Family  

Cupcakes and Butterflies does not exist in a vacuum and I am very blessed to have the support of my fabulous family.

Let me introduce them

First of all there's Mr Cupcakes.










We've been married over 20 years and he's been an amazing support in this mad adventure.

It was Mr Cupcakes who first suggested the idea of using recycled/upcycled vintage fabrics and what a great idea that was!

Next up we have Miss Cupcakes.  




Our lovely daughter has been very helpful, particularly with setting up my Instagram page - @cupcakestextiles

She always ready to give an honest opinion on social media posts and to product test new items

Finally we have Nanny and Bampy Cupcakes.


My parents currently live just across the road.  In fact, my mum was the very first recipient of an elephant motif handbag on her birthday a few years ago.

My dad's not really into sewing but always makes supportive noises whenever I show him a new product.

Here's a picture of us all together

Love this photo soo much!  The Cupcakes



By the way I haven't forgotten the Cupcakes cat  - 

                              but he's got his own page!!

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