Welcome to Cupcakes Land!

The random musings of a crafty introvert

Welcome to my first ever blog!!

This is the place where I will be sharing triumphs and failures, good times and bad times, and basically anything else that pops in to my head!

I can't guarantee that any post will be very long, but each one will be an honest representation of who I am, what I feel and what I believe.

So stay tuned!  More blog posts coming soon!  Yay!!!!

Random fact about me - I collect unicorns!  Not the fluffy, cutesy kind (although I have those too) but the badass, sophisticated, dangerous looking ones.  I've got porcelain ones, glass ones, wooden ones, heraldic ones.  All sorts really, bought by me or my friends and family.  At least when you collect something nobody is every stuck for a present!

There's something about unicorns that appeals to me.

They are so beautiful and seemingly gentle but are wild and untameable.  In fact the only way you can catch a unicorn is for a maiden to sit in a forest and wait for the unicorn to put it's head in her lap.  (Oh, so much innuendo in that sentence)

Anyway, the point is that unicorns are special.   Outwardly they are all flowing manes and tails with butterflies and magic, but they've also got a deadly pointed horn on their heads.  They are wild and magical and beautiful.

Ok, so I know they're not really real, but then I'm not a maiden sitting in a forest so I have zero chance of catching one

Maybe what I like about unicorns is the fact that they appear one way but have a hidden side.  

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